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The serious pollution of vermiculite factory in West Yue Village of Pingshan County has been demolished.

These vermiculite factories are located in the Southwest Village of the West Village of two rivers in Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang, and a row of vermiculite factories are suffering. Because of the serious air pollution caused by the dust, this section of the road near one kilometer, not only the accident prone section, but also the main source of respiratory infection in the surrounding villages, is really indignant.
In the afternoon of June 22nd, I ride an electric car through this place, because of the dust suddenly fascinated the eyes, so I was unprepared to wipe my eyes by hand, causing the electric vehicle to jump to the roadside cut gully, causing my legs and arms to be hurt. At that time, the author also wore dark glasses and could not stop the attack of the dust. Besides, those pedestrians who did not wear glasses.
According to the local villagers told the author, only in June 22nd, because of dust attacks, there were four accidents, although no casualties were caused, but the loss of the vehicles was not small, making the owners abnormally angry.
These serious dusts come from a long row of vermiculite plants, and dense dust is emitted from the high chimneys of vermiculite factory. These vermiculite factories are located in the southwest of two villages in the west of Shijiazhuang, Pingshan County.
In the past few years, these vermiculite factories, in addition to the serious dust pollution of the air, also dry wet vermiculite on the road, not only lead to pedestrians and vehicles to walk difficult, but also because the evening can not see that these vermiculite stacking has become a lot of accidents.
In recent years, with the environmental protection department rectifying and banning many times, but these vermiculite factories have taken a variety of dirty means, in the high interest of the lure, not only the road, but still unscrupulous production, and the production time is in the afternoon or at night, that is, the environmental protection department staff work. After that.
Due to the serious air pollution in the vermiculite factory, a layer of vermiculite dust will fall on the head, face and body of the passing pedestrians, and the outer shell of the passing vehicle is surrounded by a thick layer of dust. In addition to pedestrians and vehicles suffering, the residents in the nearby villages are more miserable, the roof of the house is vermiculite dust, even grain can not be dried. In the yard of the house, even in the kitchen bowl, it will be polluted by all the dust. As the dust floats to one kilometer away, the crops in the farmland are also What is more unbearable is that most of the villagers who live nearby suffer from respiratory tract infections. They often suffer from dry cough, asthma, palpitation, and depression.
And according to the person I know, because the factory dust is serious, the air pollution has reached a startling place, the factory workers generally only work for a year and a half, otherwise long time to engage in this work, there will be worries of life.
Air pollution is so serious that it can still produce as usual. The so-called "magic power" of its manufacturers can not be underestimated.

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